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Introducing Tanyak Curtain Bracket Finials, an exquisite addition to your window and door curtain rods.


These finials boast antique jewelry-like finishes, available in an array of designs including flowers, birds, and heart shapes, giving your curtains a touch of elegance and style. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these finials are perfect for adding a great look to your curtain rods, elevating the overall aesthetic of your space.


With a variety of options to choose from, these finials are the perfect finishing touch to any window or door curtain rods. Bring a touch of sophistication to your space with Tanyak Curtain Bracket Finials.

Curtain Bracket Finials For Window and Door Curtain Rods - Tanyak TI - BK - 560

SKU: TI - BK - 560
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