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Get up to 40% wholesale discount on orders exceeding Rs.1 Lakh!

Introducing the Large Wardrobe / Glass / Door Handles by Tanyak - the perfect hardware solution for large glass doors, wardrobes, main doors, and hall doors that require an elegant look, feel, and sturdiness.


These handles are crafted with premium quality materials and excellent design, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance.


Available in a range of designs, colours, shades, and finishes, you can choose the perfect handle to complement your furniture and decor. With sizes ranging from 200mm to 900mm, you can find the ideal handle for your specific needs.


Upgrade your doors with the Tanyak Large Wardrobe / Glass / Door Handles for a touch of sophistication and functionality.

Large Door / Glass / Wardrobe Handles - Tanyak - TI GD 1450 P

SKU: TI GD 1450 P
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